10 Hair Transplant Facts

10 Hair Transplant Facts

For so many people, hair transplants sound like an intimidating and potentially daunting process, particularly because when they overestimate the risk involved with the surgery. As hair transplants become more and more common, due to the hair transplant cost in countries such as Turkey, this reputation has started to change as more people come to understand the process.

Confusion causes undue concern, which is preventing many from receiving the treatment that could transform their appearance. We’re myth-busting the top 10 hair transplant facts with the hope that it clears up confusion for those people who may be interested in a procedure.

Hair Transplant Is Costly

Hair transplant cost will vary from country to country, but it is no longer just exclusively for a minority of people. Hair transplant Turkey is extremely affordable because the government subsidises select clinics and providers with the aim of sustaining the economic boost the country has enjoyed since the popularisation of medical tourism.

As medical tourism continues to boom, the quality of facilities in Turkey continues to advance but also, the industry maintains competitive which encourages hair transplant Turkey providers to keep their costs down!

Hair transplant cost is also a one-off cost because the results are permanent. This actually means that hair transplant is a more cost-effective treatment, particularly if patients are spending a lot of alternatives, semi-permanent treatments, such as microblading instead of eyebrow transplant.

Poor Hair Transplant Results

The reason for hair loss will vary from case to case, but for most patients who are suffering from male pattern baldness (or female pattern baldness), hair loss is caused by a hormone called DHT.

Transplanted grafts are resistant to the effects of this hormone and thus, a hair transplant is a permanent solution. It does take up to 12 months to see the full results of a hair transplant, so patients will be advised to wait to see the full results before making a judgement on the success of their hair transplant.

Hair Transplants Are Suited To Older Generations

Hair transplant is available to anyone over the age of 18. In fact, male pattern baldness (the most common kind of hair loss) can begin anytime after puberty and is most likely to begin in the patient’s 20s.

The perception that hair transplant is only suitable for patients of an older generation is common because hair loss is a gradual process and thus, older people are more likely to have a more severe degree of hair loss and seek a hair transplant. For many, hair loss is quick and can be quite dramatic.

It is recommended to get a hair transplant Turkey sooner rather than later. This is because the more hair available in the donor area, the better the overall results and the chance for complete coverage.

Hair Transplants Are Painful

As we have already mentioned, hair transplant technologies are advancing all the time, focusing on maximising the success of hair transplant and minimising the discomfort experienced by the patient.

These days, a hair transplant Turkey will combine local anaesthesia and numbing cream, ensuring the procedure is totally painless. In fact, patients should expect to resume their normal day to day life within a couple of days of their treatment (or even hours of some procedures, such as PRP treatment).

This misconception of hair transplant may come from the fact that hair transplant focuses on a sensitive area of the body.

The Results Are Obvious

Treatments are now extremely sophisticated and have not looked obvious to the general public for a very long time. Although signs of a transplant may be clear immediately after a procedure, as regrowth properly begins, the transplant will be virtually indistinguishable.

This is because modern FUE hair transplants can be completely scarless, but also because grafts are taken from the patients own head and implanted at angles to mimic the natural hair. This ensures the transplanted hair completely matches the existing head hair.

Hair Transplants Are Only For Men

This is simply not true. Hair transplants are extremely popular with women, especially since the inception of unshaven hair transplants, which allow women, or those with long hair, to undergo a procedure without shaving their head.

This perception is often perpetuated as marketing and case studies often focus on men, as this is the most popular demographic. Women are perfectly eligible for hair transplant as they also experience hair loss as a result of hormonal imbalances, illness and genetics.

Body Hair Transplants Are Permanent

Body hair transplants are not successful the same way transplants on other areas of the body are. This is because body hair does not have the same hair growth cycle as scalp hair and is subject to loss after 2 – 3 years, whilst scalp hair transplants are permanent. We recommend avoiding body hair transplants at all costs as it is not sustainable.

Medication Is Required After Surgery

No medication is required to sustain the hair or encourage regrowth after a hair transplant Turkey. In fact, patients can stop buying hair supplements after transplant, making the procedure even more cost-effective. As transplanted head hair is not susceptible to the hormone DHT, it will not fall out again like natural hair loss.

More Grafts = Better Chance At Success

All treatment plans are tailored to individual patients. Unreputable clinics may sell a price per graft transplant and market the idea that more grafts provide better coverage. This is for profit and is not strictly true.

All patients will need to be evaluated for the number of grafts required. Also, a larger number of grafts may also increase the healing time, as the donor area will be more affected. This does not guarantee success either, as the results could be patchy all over, this is called over-harvesting.

Hair Transplant Is For Everyone

In contrast to the misconception, that hair transplant is limited to a certain demographic, many also believe that everyone can have a hair transplant. Unfortunately, it is not an option for everyone. This is because some medical issues or types of hair loss will not be successful and thus the patient is precluded from surgery.

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